A Splendid Future – Daniele Lippi, Frosio Giovanni

A Splendid Future

Alfred is a normal lad who lives in his very normal tomorrow, maybe our tomorrow. A world that has changed much, perhaps without really changing. Looking for social redemption, he accepts a proposal that will take him far from home for a long time. When he comes back, he slowly realizes that things aren't exactly the way he expected them. A surprise that, in spite of all, will urge him to look for answers.

Alfred is a normal lad who lives in his very normal tomorrow where technology has made giant strides, even if these strides have been used by the few who have then distributed it to the many like crumbs to the hungry. A society where much has changed, perhaps without really changing. Alfred, like every lad, like every man, like every human being hopes, at least for himself, for a better future and that's what he pursues with tenacity and conviction, devoured by anguish and desire for redemption. When, in this uncertain future, he's offered such a chance, he'll seize it, embracing every single aspect and consequence, such is his desire to believe in it with all of himself. But evry medal, time out of mind, always has two sides, and Alfred will have to decide whether or not to face the side that's hidden from him, embarking on a quest and investigation, fighting against time that he has no more, or to accept things as they are and convince himself that everything is actually normal.

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