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Wicked Atundash

A small ancient world introduces the reader to the adventure of evil and good in nature. A life-long adventure where the dying lord of evil Аtundash is helped by good. The story tells about the main character who can not forgive his brother Sumur, the lord of good, for having roused good in all living creatures in the distant past. Before his death, he did not forget about the evil brother Atundash and bequeathed him a bucket of milk, a tree in the steppe and a stone-spring. He asked an old traveller (old age) to give those things to his brother. But evil Atundash, seeing the old age at the threshold of his house, tries to overcome it and chases it away. He spills milk on the ground, rips out a tree in the steppe and breaks a stone. But after a few years, evil Atundash begins to realize that every year hunger overcomes him. And there are not enough forces for evil. Then he thinks that life would be better if he did not spill milk, kept the tree and did not break the stone. And how to get it all back now? Wanderings of evil Atundash is not only a journey of a lifetime, but also an adventure In which good helps the main character to get the valuable treasure of life – harmony with nature.

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