Flying Along – Donald H. Coventry, Tablo Publishing

Flying Along

Flying Along is a romantic/social comedy following the adventures of two final year visual art students living in a regional country town. It involves Henry, a photographer and body-pilot, his anarchic friend Meat Carver, and James McGuire (who partners with an internet based female artificial lifeform) as they encounter love, lust and manage disturb, distract and disrupt much of the life and times of the Old City and bring about the collapse of digital society. It is also a story on Henry's searching for love and finding it in Jane, a short angry tractor mechanic, who is both attracted to their creative mayhem but also feels challenged by what that could bring. This story is a nonstop romp covering art, indulgence, folly, self-delusion that combines humour, social commentary and science fiction in an original mix that makes for an immersive and fun read.

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